2018, January, ‘Getting Dressed in the 18th Century,  Working Woman’.

Photo (c) Pauline Loven. Model Liv Free.

To read more about the making of this film follow this link.


2017, October, ‘Getting Dressed in the 18th Century, The Busk’. 

2017, September: Our film goes viral!

Getting Dressed in the Eighteenth Century, Crow's Eye Productions.

In 2016 we made a short film on the sequence on ‘Getting Dressed in the Eighteenth Century’ for the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool. The film was to be part of the media interpretation of the 18th century gallery which featured many portraits of wealthy society ladies. The idea was to get beneath the formality of the portraits and to explain how the period silhouette was achieved. Costumed and filmed by us the film was released by Lady Lever Art Gallery online and has had more than 15 million views to date. For more on this see our costumier’s blog

2017 August: Tudor Film

This summer we collaborated with Urban Apache Films on a feature film set in Tudor Lincolnshire called ‘Lapwing’. We created costume specially for the film and provided a second crew for the wildlife photography.

Pauline Loven on location assisting sound man Gaz Bailey with concealing the mic pack within the costume.

2014-15 Tell Them of Us and William’s Story

The feature film we made to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War (shown at the Collection, Lincoln, and the National Archive, London) developed a spin-off exhibition and book ‘Centenary Stitches’, on knitting during the First World War. We also followed it with a companion drama-documentary, ‘William’s Story’.

2016: Cinematographer for ‘Hell’s Bells’

Nick Loven on location with ‘Hells Bells’. Photograph by Mike Alsford.