WW1 Location Filming

In our film ‘Tell Them of Us’, we told the story of WW1 casualty, Robert Crowder, who died at Passchendaele aged just 21. We told his story through his letters and from the perspective of his family at home. We didn’t however, in the scope of that format, explain what had happened to Robert’s brother William when he went missing and what he had done to earn the DSO. Continuing to tell the Crowder family’s story with a drama-documentary has allowed us to fill in the story of William and his future wife, Violet, and to move forward a little to show how the war years shaped their future attitudes.
Here are two location screen shots from the making of ‘William’s Story’.

10704404_10152858691056363_4243012064671050851_o (1)
William Crowder (Adam Fox)
11895234_10153000554766363_8058667916969232770_o (1)
Nurse Violet Pearson (Tiffany Haynes) and patient Trooper Thame (Alexander Doddy).

Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures from the location shoots:

Nick Loven directing the troops (photo by Stewart Wall).
Dave Cash, Pyrotechnics.
Pauline Loven (Costumier) doing the costume check on location.
Saffron Rogers (MUA) adjusting makeup on location.
Nick Loven (Director) and Alexander Pollard (Sound) filming with a drone camera.
Film Crew at Work. Centre: Bryony Hooper (1st AD) Left: Alexander Pollard (Sound).
Mason Carter on clapper board.
Stewart Wall
The entire cast and crew from Location II, Lincolnshire.
The cast and crew from Location 1, Surrey.

Actor Showreel to Bookcover

When Tiffany Haynes approached us to make an actor’s showreel for her, she didn’t expect to find herself featuring on the cover of an American novel as well!

Tiffany had the ambitious idea of creating a synopsis of a book, or a book trailer, and had a book in mind: ‘The Lady of the Butterflies’ by Fiona Mountain. This appealed to us all as it was the story of Lady Eleanor Glanville, a 17th century Lepidopterist who discovered a fritillary butterfly in Lincolnshire – now known as the Glanville Fritillary.

‘The Lady of the Butterflies’ was renamed for the American market as ‘Rebel Heiress’.

With permission from the author we created this short piece as part of Tiffany’s show reel.

The resulting photographs drew the attention of an American publishing company and they requested permission to use on of the photographs – this is the result:


‘Beyond The Valley’ Book Cover.

We donated the small fee for its use as a book cover to an American charity ‘A Home Within‘.


If you would like to have a show reel made please contact Nick Loven.

If you are interested in having a showreel which involves the costume department, you can also contact Pauline Loven to discuss the options.