The Doctor - Spencer Kennedy.

Doctor’s Assistant, Alice AlmondBryony Roberts.

Beachcomber (on the strand lines in time and space) – Neil Parker

Patient Monk 1Oliver White.

Priestess Handmaid, moon, - Annie Walker.

Patient Monk 2Tim Walker.

Priestess Handmaid,  star, - Jo Read.

Patient monk - Scott Read.

Abigail (1880)Estella Platts.

Hetty, 11 yr old girl (1940) Sophie Halse.

Anglo-Saxon Mother, Elfrida – Judith Jones.

Anglo-Saxon man, Aelric – Steve Jones.

Anglo-Saxon youth, Oswiu - Aaron Broadberry.

Anglo-Saxon girl, Freya: Caitlin Ross.

Dalek voice – Charlie Massey.

DalekPeter Halse.