Starring Spencer Kennedy and Bryony Roberts.

Written by Rick Everson,

Directed by Nick Loven,

Music by Tim and Annie Walker,

Costume by Pauline Loven.

Production Team:

Nick Loven, Director, Camera, Editor and Story Development.

Chris Roberts, Assistant Director, Lighting & special effects.

Pauline Loven, Costumier, Producer, Casting, Locations.

Rick Everson, Scriptwriter.

Luke Maxwell, Sound.

Jake Sullivan, Runner.

Oliver White, Sound.

Emma Kennedy, Designer of Dr Who and Alice’s wardrobe.

Joanna Read, costume.

Katya Giorgio, Hair and Make up.

Emily Johnson, Hair and Make up.

Peter Halse, Set Design and builder of Tardis and Tardis interior.

Avril Sanderson, period set design.

Aaron Broadberry, behind the scenes camera.

Toni Foley, Graphic Design.

Charlotte and Sophie Halse, Tardis operators.

Tim and Annie Walker, Music.

Jared Walker, Sound assistant.



Saxon House (pictured above) East Firsby, Lincolnshire,

Gibralter Point Nature Reserve, Lincolnshire,

Greetwell Quarry, Lincoln.

A house in Lincoln


Thank you to the following for their help in the making of the film:

Peter and Frances Halse

Charlie Massey, Cherry Tree Café

Tim and Annie Walker, music

Steve and Judith Jones, Saxon House

Keith Loven and LOVEN Patents & Trademarks

Richard Dale and Dale & Co

Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve