We have just completed filming ‘Roses’, a Victorian-set pastiche of the opening and croquet scenes from the 1980′s film ‘Heathers’ which starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

In August Crow’s Eye producations costume department was approached by a BBC antiques programme, being filmed locally, to supply actresses in Victorian costumes to play a game of croquet on the lawn of the house where they were filming. In the end the shoot didn’t go ahead, but the idea had whetted our appetites!

Tiffany Haynes came up with the amusing idea of re-shooting some of the scenes from the 80’s cult movie, ‘Heathers’, which included a croquet game with each of the players colour-matched with the ball they were playing (red, green, yellow and blue). Renamed ‘Roses’ and with a cute little script written by Dougie Blaxland we were ready to play.

‘Roses’ L to R: Lucy Roslyn (Violet), Tiffany Haynes (Rose Red), Victoria Turton-Blythe (Rose Yellow) and Bryony Roberts (Rose Green). Photo (c) John Bennett

‘Roses’ stars Tiffany Haynes (Rose Red/Heather Chandler) with Victoria Turton-Blythe (Rose Yellow/Heather McNamara), Bryony Roberts (Rose Green/heather Duke) and Lucy Roslyn (Violet/Veronica). The film was created by Crow’s Eye Productions as one of its unfunded training exercises and filmed in a single day. The costume though took a little longer, see Crow’s Eye Costume Department for more on that.  More information coming soon!