About Us

We are a collective of filmmakers, costumiers, actors, musicians, writers, students and volunteers who occasionally get together to make something utterly pointless just for fun.  Its a great way to offer experience, training and to make new contacts.

The projects are led by Nick Loven using the resources of his company Crow’s Eye Productions. We always to the highest possible production standards regardless of budget or lack of one! Get in touch with us if you want to join in!

Our regulars include:

Nick Loven (Crow’s Eye Productions), Lydia Staniaszek (Music, Acting), Rick Everson (Script Writer), Tim and Annie Walker (Music), Pauline Loven (Costumier), Bryony Roberts (Actor), Chris Roberts (Producer), Jake Sullivan (Camera/Editor), Jo Sullivan (Wardrobe), Peter Halse (Prop Maker), Jo Reed (Blue Lady Couture), Spencer Kennedy (Earthlights Boogieband), Neil Parker (actor and archaeologist) and many more…

Mission Statement:

  • To create the occassional, micro-funded/unfunded, non-commercial, films for training purposes using our professional time, film equipment, costume and props free.
  • To create opportunities for individuals to gain and develop filmmaking skills.
  • To create oportunities for actors, writers, musicians, designers and artists.
  • To maintain high production values on miniscule budgets.
  • To be inclusive.
  • To have fun!

Crow’s Eye Productions was created by Nick Loven (Director), who is an independent film-maker with 10 years’ experience in filmmaking, especially period drama and museum films. Nick also has a specialist interest in wildlife film and photography and has worked with the BBC Natural History unit (including Springwatch). Crow’s Eye Productions also has its own costume department.