Doctor Who?

So why a Doctor Who fan film?

After a completing series of museum commissions, we decided to make a film (unfunded) for a bit of light-hearted fun! The film, which is also a cast and crew training exercise, will be released on the internet free.

Across the road from our costumier’s house is a café (Cherry Tree Cafe, Sudbrooke) that we occasionally hold meetings in – and it has a replica Tardis outside.  For a history-dominated group of filmmakers the thought of a time machine that could take us anywhere in time (and space) was an irresistible draw.

Doctor Who is also an extraordinary television series, 50 years old this year and with a complex background, a growing mythology and brilliant writers, cast and crew. I hope they forgive our efforts!

We scheduled filming for March (2012), a foolhardy choice with so much of the filming in outside locations, and we were prepared for the worst. However, what we got was a full five days of hot, unbroken sunshine!

What initially began as an idea for a short sketch quickly grew into a 25 minute short film, The Mystery of Rorrim, and we discovered some stars on the way. It was also a great deal of fun. So, in a moment of insanity, we decided to do another, and in mid-August 2012 we filmed the sequel, ‘Untimely Death’.

As with the first film we worked fast and economically. However, post production took longer as the editing had to compete with commissions. The premiere was held at the Doctor Who convention at the Ritz Cinema, Lincoln on 31st August 2013 a full year after filming.

We may well embark on a third (if only because of the youngsters who want to be in it again) but not for a while – we need to get back to earning a living!!