South Ormsby, Lincolnshire

Hyrne Family letters 
sent from South Carolina
to  England between 1699 and 1757


In 1998 I came across a bundle of letters in the Lincolnshire Archive Office which were written largely from South Carolina to South Ormsby in Lincolnshire between 1699 and 1757. They made compelling reading.

It is a story of elopement, fraud, betrayal, love, loss and courage and reveals the attempt and ultimate success of an Lincolnshire family in establishing plantations in South Carolina in the first half of the 18th century. The first letter is dated 2nd April 1700 and is from Elizabeth Hyrne to her brother Burrell Massingberd...


Researched and written by Pauline Loven BA

I would love to hear from anyone descended from the Hyrnes or who can add any information to their story (two letters have recently come to light). I would also appreciate any pictures or the Charleston region of South Carolina.

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American Pioneer History. The early plantation settlers of South Carolina - The story of Elizabeth and Edward Hyrne and their sons Burrell and Henry

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