Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is a famous Jedi knight. He single-handedly destroyed the first Death Star and is responsible for the destruction of the Empire. Luke was also Yoda's last student before his death from injuries sustained while being dropped by Luke.

More recently he set up a Jedi academy on the fourth moon of Yavin where many young hopefuls train to become Jedis. Luke's only remaining dream is to have an apprentice all of his own.


Sammo Skywalker / Darth Furious

Though he doesn't know it, Sammo is actually Luke Skywalker's cousin and he has the family trait of strong force powers. His parents were Jedi Knights who went into hiding to avoid persecution by the Empire. When he was younger, Sammo's parents were brutally killed by Darth Bastard but Sammo hid and was not discovered by the evil Sith Lord.

Presently Sammo lives quietly on the alcohol brewing planet Linkonn. His friends mock him for his belief that one day he will be a powerful Jedi Knight.

Spam Holio

Spam Holio is a pilot who makes a living smuggling beer to various parts of the galaxy. His ship the 'Blue Bols' is a heavily modified Republic Cruiser that was once used on diplomatic missions. Though he mocks Sammo frequently he values him as a friend because he is the only one interested in hearing his lengthy (and often boring) smuggling stories.

Emperor Palpatine

Despite his death at the hands of Darth Vader, the Emperor seems to be very much alive. How he accomplished this feat and what his plans are remains a mystery. He is in hiding on Coruscant.


Darth Bastard

Darth Bastard is thoroughly evil and he loves his job. He has largely remained in the shadows, carrying out assassinations for the Emperor. As a result he has become very powerful. Only one person has ever survived one of his attacks - Sammo Skywalker.


A friendly rival of Sammo at the Jedi Academy. Larr'ee is one of the best at the academy but he plays harder than he works.


Spin Boldak

Spin Boldak is a student at the Jedi Academy. Boldak is more of a thinker than a fighter and is more likely to be seen reading a book than wielding a light-sabre. He also likes baskets. Alot.



The academy's obligatory wookiee. Don't mess with this guy, he'll rip your arms off!


Liono Jones

One of the regulars at Sammo's favourite pub on Linkonn, often known as 'Sandy the drunken raider'..


Harrip Ottar

A Jedi student of above average ability. Misread the prospectus and thought he was joining an academy for wizards.


Rock Strongo

Signed up to the academy because he thought it might involve his favourite hobby - FIGHTING! It turns out he was right.


Sha'a Gi

A descendent of a Jedi of the same name who fought and died in the Clone Wars. He is a natural pacifist.


Sasco Flip-pad

A Jedi student with a habit of saying what's on his mind when he really shouldn't.


Drun Kin Jinn

A student with a strong connection to the spirits of the force. Or maybe just spirits of the bottle.


Dav Idgrei

A jedi student who acheives complete fearlessness by not taking anything seriously.


Grand Muff Tarquin

Tarquin never knows when to give up. He joined the Empire as a storm trooper hoping one day become a commander of a large battleship. He was on the first Death Star but was sent home after hitting his head on a door, and so avoided being destroyed along with it at the battle of Yavin. Throughout the course of the entire rebellion he didn't receive a single promotion. After the battle of Endor the Empire began to collapse, and many Imperial forces surrendered without a fight. Tarquin was stationed aboard a Super Star Destroyer that was traveling to Coruscant to peacefully surrender. Hearing of this plan Tarquin seized his opportunity and with a handful of other storm troopers he staged a mutiny on the ship. Somehow he succeeded. He now sneaks about the galaxy in his Super Star Destroyer crewed by 15 people, hoping that no one finds out.


Lancelot Link

A monkey-like creature who works as Spam Holio's copilot. Though he does not speak any Basic he is popular with the students at the academy. He is an excellent pilot and engineer.


Skiplort Neko

An able student who has the potential to become an excellent jedi, if only she could learn to control her fear.



A mysterious character of unknown allegiance.