YouTube Videos



Grand Muff Tarquin



Out takes from Grand Muff Tarquin



Vader's dating agency video



Academy of the Jedi trailer



Paranoid Camera on Channel 5's Movie Lounge



Darth Bastard meets Grand Muff Tarquin - scene from Academy of the Jedi



Jedi punch-up - a scene from Academy of the Jedi



Final Trailer - 10.2mb (requires ON2 codec and Quicktime)

Final Trailer (medium size) - 4.79mb requires Windows Media

Final Trailer (small size) - 1.52mb requires Windows Media



Grand Muff Tarquin - 21.6MB Quicktime

Another successful mission for Grand Muff Tarquin!


TV Appearences

Movie Lounge 7mb Windows Media

Our appearence on Channel 5's film show, Movie Lounge.


Extra stuff!

These should work now!


Vader's Dating Agency video - 605kb (requires latest version of Quicktime)

Will messing around with a vader toy and his new phone camera.


Elephant (man) Power Shirt - 665kb (requires latest version of Quicktime)

Will, his phone camera and his new fashionable shirt. Very funny!



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