A Fieldwalk in Middle Carlton

WAG Screen arranged a field walk for us to both film for a mini documentary as part of the Psalter project and as an introduction to field walking to a number of interested people. Sunday 24th Feb 2008 turned out to be a relatively warm morning despite the wind and about 25 people turned out, about an even mix between experienced field walkers and newcomers. We had previously done some work in the lost village of Middle Carlton with Time Team and that along with a preliminary survey suggested it would be an interesting day. We were not disappointed as the field proved to be full of the signs of human activity ranging from a mixed collection of human bones, possibly from the church grave yard to flint working with everything in between. Following are a few pictures of the 300ish finds made mostly in the first half of the field and some of the people hard at work finding and recording the days activities. I think everyone enjoyed the mornings work and realised there is a lot of work still to be done.

Medieval pottery

Painted Plaster


Medieval pottery

Part of a Mill Stone

Flint Core

Photographs Jo Turner 2008

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