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WAG Favoured Sites
Portable Antiquities Scheme - Recording the publics finds
Every year many thousands of archaeological objects are discovered by members of the public, mostly by metal-detector users, but also by people out walking, digging their gardens or whilst going about their everyday work. These finds have the potential to tell us much about the past; how and where people used to live and about the types of objects they made and used.

Flint Knapping - Step back through time with Val & John Lord
Enjoy a prehistoric experience, and relearn many ancient skills During the period 1975 - 1988, both Val and John strove to master the art of flint knapping, and as they progressed, they willingly shared their newly gained knowledge with members of the public.

O N Books - Welcome to O.N. Books
Your Archaeological and Historical Booksellers based in Sheffield, UK! Our shop has just gone live and we have endeavoured to incorporate as many books as possible at this stage. We are continuously adding and updating our shop with new books and features.

Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire - Looking after Lincolnshire's heritage
The Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire exists to protect, preserve, promote and present the rich heritage of the county for the benefit of local people and visitors. HToL was responsible for establishing and encouraging WAG and other local archaeological groups.

Lincolnshire County Council - Witham Valley Research
Archaeological Research in the Lower Witham Valley. In 1981 excavations were undertaken south of Fiskerton village on the remains of a timber causeway that was in use during the Iron Age (c.457-282BC) and surrounded by important items of metalwork, including tools and weapons.

Time Team - Channel 4's archaeological investigation programme.
Here you can catch up on the latest programme updates, see more of the personalities who make Time Team tick as well as unearth more of the archaeology that brings Channel 4's award-winning series to life.

The Collection - Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire
Visitors to historic Lincoln can now enjoy a fabulous new, free to enter, Museum, embracing the region's premier art gallery, the Usher. The buildings sit side by side in the centre of the city close to Steep Hill and enjoy spectacular views of Lincoln Cathedral.

Washingborough Village - a village three miles east of the city of Lincoln
Washingborough Village is a small to medium size village approximately three miles South East of Lincoln City. The village has a long history dating back many hundreds of years and is recorded in the Domesday Book. The village has grown many times since then but still retains its charm and character. - Brought to you by Landmark Information Group
Providing access to Britain's most extensive digital historical map archive. Find out where your ancestors used to live or check out what your neighbourhood looked like over a hundred years ago.

Flag Fen - Britain's Bronze Age Centre
The website is regularly updated and includes information on public events and developments in the archaeological park, educational programmes for schools, opening times and admission charges. It also carries news of the latest archaeological discoveries from the excavations.

Commercial Sites

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Bodies Funding WAG Projects
English Heritage
Due to the ever changing nature of the English Heritage website, it hasnít been possible to provide a link their archaeology section that will remain usable, so you will have to navigate your own way there.

Thank You for Funding: The Witham Valley Project

Lincolnshire County Council
Thank You for Funding: The Witham Valley Project

The Environment Agency
Thank You for Funding: The Witham Valley Project

WAG Members other websites
Girlguiding Lincolnshire South
Girlguiding Lincolnshire South is one of the 12 Counties in the Anglia Region of Girlguiding UK, the largest voluntary organization for girls and young women in the UK.

Nicks - A spider identification web site
A spider identification web site, many of the species were photographed in Lincolnshire nature reserves (as well as all over Europe and America).

18th c. Letters from America - Hyrne family letters
A site based on the Hyrne family letters sent to and from Lincolnshire and South Carolina between 1699 and 1757.

The Orchard House Wardrobe - Period costume hire
Period costume hire for children for school history days - Victorian pinafores etc.

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