Fiskerton Evaluation Open Day

The causeway at Fiskerton was recently uncovered again for assessment and a trench was opened on the northern edge of the causeway to try to determine if this was the starting point.

On 21st July 2007 the site was opened to visitors but unfortunately torrential rain the night before left morning visitors thinking they were looking at a swimming pool.

Despite the field being 3 or 4 inches deep in water in places quite a few visitors braved the conditions whilst we were on site and were rewarded with a rare opportunity to see at least some of the causeway through the murky water.

The above photograph shows the tops of the standing posts starting to appear from the water as the pump did itís splendid work in lowering the water level.

The bottom photograph shows one of the fragments of pottery discovered in the spoil heap whilst we were on site.

Photographs © Jo Turner 2007

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