The Iron Age roundhouse project 2006

Alex, Chris and Pauline have been working on a project to reconstruct an Iron Age roundhouse based upon an example from within Lincolnshire. We are really only at the very beginning stages of the project, weve got drawings, a plot of land cleared and are in the process of gathering materials, but nothing standing yet.

So through the website we thought that wed let people keep an eye out on the project as it goes along, it may fail or it may finish brilliantly, at this stage its difficult to tell how this will go.

The aim of the project is to learn more about how people once lived in this country thousands of years ago and to test assumptions based upon how these houses would have been constructed. Experimental archaeology at its finest... ok I might be over stating that part, but this is an experiment to test out how practical it would have been to construct a roundhouse and to let everyone know our results.

Chris and Nick will video the project as it unfolds. More on this at a later date.

Keep an eye out in here and the WAG News page to see whats going. If you have any questions, would like to join in, have materials that would help the project, head on into the forum and get chatting with us were more than happy to chat.

Here is a photo of an Iron Age roundhouse at Flag Fen, just in case anyone was wondering what modern interperation of a roundhouse looks like.

Head to the Links section to go to the Flag Fen website.

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