TIME TEAM South Carlton, Lincolnshire 2003

Photos by Matt Vickers

Early September 2003, Washingborough Archaeology Group took part in a number of field walking exercises for Channel 4’s ‘Time Team’. Below are some of the WAG members photographs and experiences.

Matt Vickers’ account of the event
Washingborough Archaeology Group were contacted in mid-August 2003 by production staff at Time Team to see if we could assist with field walking on the site of an Anglo Saxon cemetery.

Pauline Loven’s account of the events
it would be boring if we stayed in one field for three days, so we're also going to be investigating the landscape nearby to work out why the Anglo-Saxons might have put their cemetery here…

View Jo Turner’s Time Team Photo’s
Take a look at Jo’s photo’s of the three day Time Team dig.

View Nick Loven’s Time Team photo’s
Take a look at Nick’s photo’s of the three day Time Team dig.

Another Channel 4 programme ‘Britain AD’ (shown Autumn 2004)

Our fieldwalking work at Fiskerton was filmed in October 2003 for inclusion in a Channel 4 documentary with Francis Pryor. Francis Pryor is well-known for his work at the Flag Fen Bronze Age site near Peterborough and often appears on Channel 4's Time Team. The programme includes a look at the archaeology of the fenlands.

Top/middle: Jo Hambly, Community Archaeologist, briefing the fieldwalkers on camera
Bottom: Some members of WAG relaxing after the fieldwalking and film shoot.

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