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Aircraft Crash Site.
2007-02-26 by Sid
WAG set out on a field walk on a wet February morning following a fascinating story that unfolded on the forum about an aircraft crash in a field near Branston.

New photograph of the week (POTW).
2007-02-24 by Jo
Just for a change, a new addition of the POTW. Click on the image to the left to see the photograph.

If you have a photo you think would make a good addition to the POTW, then e-mail them to me and I'll put it up

2007-02-10 by Steve
Sorry for the recent lack of updates. Alex has been overrun by work so I have offered to help and try and keep the website updated. I have only made slight changes to the site although it has been completely re-written, so if you are having any trouble with the new site, want to make suggestions or you just want to complain, please e-mail me.


New photograph of the week (POTW).
2006-08-27 by Alex
A new addition of the POTW. Click on the image to the left to see the photograph.

If you have a photo you think would make a good addition to the POTW, then e-mail them to me and I'll put it up

Flint tool identification talk by Jim Rylatt, Thursday 24th of August
2006-08-12 by Alex
Head on into our forum for details and to ask questions.

Apologies for lack of updates recently.
2006-07-09 by Alex
Just a quick message to apologize for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been quite busy lately and the fieldwalking season is currently over until the Autumn. I hope to do most of my updates on Sunday from now on (fingers crossed).

WAG Screen launched.
2006-07-09 by Alex
Washingborough Archaeology Group now has a sister group – WAG Screen. Click here to read more.

Finds washing - Thursday 1st of June.
2006-05-29 by Alex
Sorry for the short notice. Finds washing this Thursday 7pm at Anona’s - Lake Farm on Fen road

Archaeology in the Garden.
2006-04-26 by Alex
Updated 30th April.

"After a couple of interesting finds emerged from my folks back garden, I took the opportunity to investigate a part of the garden where a pumpkin patch was going to be dug."

Project - Alex’s Neolithic Flint Axe.
2006-04-21 by Alex
What had originally started out as an experiment into microwear on flint tools soon turned into a project to recreate an axe.

Click here to view the axe

Thanks to Matt, Steve, Chris and Pauline.
2006-04-13 by Alex
For offering useful ideas, hints, tips and suggestions for the rebuild of the WAG website. I hope that everyone finds it easy and useful to use, I also hope it encourages more people to join in. Any feedback would be appreciated, head into the forum to let me know if there are any problems.

Portable Antiquities Scheme added
2006-04-11 by Alex
I’ve added a link to the "PAS" from the Home page as I think that this is a valuable scheme and it helps us to better understand our past. It also makes sure that the public are involved in building a better picture of the past, which is a really important part of archaeology.

Dedicated News page now added
2006-04-11 by Alex
After much thinking, I’ve decided that the Home page needed to be a little simpler and present different information, to do this I thought that adding a dedicated News page would help me achieve that aim, click on the “comments” link above to let me know what you think.

Iron Age roundhouse project
2006-04-10 by Alex
Alex, Chris and Pauline have been working on a project to build an Iron Age roundhouse. We are now just beginning to put this into action, the site has been cleared and materials are now being organised, I’ll start a ‘blog’ soon following our efforts and Chris will video diary it as well.

Fishtoft Big Dig update, from this weekends excavation (01-02 April)
2006-04-03 by Alex
"This weekend saw the return of the Big Dig team to Fishtoft, to investigate the strange geophysical anomaly discovered by the geophysics team last summer..."

Sorry this link is now broken

"Mudlarking" - Matt’s Foreshore walkover report now up
2006-03-18 by Alex
Matt has written up a nice little report about what we go up to that cold Sunday a few weeks back. Follow the link to read the report.

Matt’s foreshore report

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