WAG Recreations

In an effort to better understand how some of the items we have found whilst fieldwalking were made, some WAG members have started to recreate items using the same materials and tools where ever possible and here are the results of some of our efforts.

Alex’s Neolithic Flint Axe
2006-04-21 by Alex
What had originally started out as an experiment into microwear on flint tools soon turned into a project to recreate an axe.

Click here to view the axe

Iron Age roundhouse project
2006-04-10 by Alex
Alex, Chris and Pauline have been working on a project to build an Iron Age roundhouse. We are now just beginning to put this into action, the site has been cleared and materials are now being organised, I’ll start a ‘blog’ soon following our efforts and Chris will video diary it as well.

Click here to view the details

Matt’s drawing of a flint tool
2006-02-12 by Matt
Matt Vickers brilliantly detailed, hand drawn sketch of the interesting flint tool found recently during our fieldwalking exercises

Click here to view the drawing

Paulines Luttrell Psalter Costume
2006-02-06 by Pauline
Pauline Loven made this 1340’s Luttrell Psalter costume for the 10th anniversary celebrations of Lincoln’s Heritage Studies Degree

Click here to view the costume

Matt’s "Leaf Shape" arrowhead
2006-01-26 by Matt
A couple of photo’s of one of Matt Vickers nicely made Leaf shape arrowheads

Click here to view the arrowhead

Alex’s "Barbed and Tanged" arrowheads
2006-01-26 by Alex
Alex has been using antler and stone to create the basic flake to then make the arrowhead

Click here to view the arrowheads

Taking Part
Please feel free to send (e-mail) in pictures of any of your creations, it can be anything you’ve tried to recreate from the past. You will get full credit for them as well and will help others to understand how these items would have been created.

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