About Us

Nicole Loven. Photo by Liv Free

Nicole Loven (Nic) is a film-maker who brings a unique eye to her work, from documentary and wildlife films to period dramas and music videos.  Nic has many years’ experience in historical dramas, museum and instructional films, advertising and wildlife film and photography. Nic established Crow’s Eye Productions in 2005
Pauline Loven. Photo by Liv Free

Pauline Loven is a period costumier and costume historian, who creates our carefully researched costumes, runs our wardrobe department and is our producer. Pauline researches and produces the ‘Getting Dressed in…’ videos.
Liv Free. Photo by Nic Loven

Liv Free is a hair and make-up artist, milliner, actor, model and photographer. Liv is working on a series of video tutorials for creating historic hairstyles and makeup.
Liv Free and Nic Loven. Photo Pauline Loven

Some of Our Clients

The National Archives, London.  Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool, The Collection, Lincoln. St Katharine’s Lincoln. Lincoln County Council. Gainsborough Old Hall.  Juki.  Superior Threads. Damibu. The Machine Quilter Company.

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