Love What you Love – Interview with Pauline Loven

Pauline was recently interviewed by Julie Rose for her ‘Love What you Love’ Podcast series. Click on the photo link for the podcast:

Pauline Loven. Photo Liv Free

Ep. 11 with the wonderful @periodwardrobe is now live! Pauline and I chat about making connections across time and space, history in your own backyard, embracing mistakes, and so much more. She’s lovely and you’re going to love this!’

Covid 19

Like most other businesses, we at Crow’s Eye Productions have been very limited in what we could achieve during lockdown. We had had a whole year of projects planned, and many of them cast too, which have all had to be postponed or cancelled. However, we are re-planning and have some very interesting costume films in the pipeline. We are also working on some mini-documentaries.

Nic Loven editing a mini-documentary

Editing, research and costume making all continues behind the scenes, and we are working on safety protocols for returning to filming in these strange and difficult times.

Pauline Loven researching and script writing.

Getting Dressed – Prince Albert 1848

Prince Albert prepares for Christmas Eve in 1848

Joshua Gould (Prince Albert) and Faye Caddick (Queen Victoria), photographed by Liv Free at Normanby Hall in Lincolnshire. Costumes by Pauline Loven.

The scene we depicted was based an image found the Illustrated London News of 1848:

Illustrated London News 1848

A short documentary about some of the research that went into recreating a scene of Queen Victoria’s family and their children’s Christmas tree in 1848:

Getting Dressed – Queen Victoria 1848

Queen Victoria dresses on Christmas Eve 1848

Faye caddick as Queen Victoria, photographed at Normanby Hall in Lincolnshire by Liv Free. Costume Pauline Loven.

The making of Queen Victoria’s dress by Pauline Loven of Crow’s Eye Productions:

Getting Dressed in the 18th Century – Dido Belle

Dido Belle prepares for her portrait to be painted by the artist David Martin accompanied by her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray.

Dido Belle (Laili Mnii) and Lady Murray (Sophie Morris) photographed by Liv Free at Normanby Hall in Lincolnshire. Costumes by Pauline Loven.

A short film on the research behind the making of this film: