Covid 19

Like most other businesses, we at Crow’s Eye Productions have been very limited in what we could achieve during lockdown. We had had a whole year of projects planned, and many of them cast too, which have all had to be postponed or cancelled. However, we are re-planning and have some very interesting costume films in the pipeline. We are also working on some mini-documentaries.

Nic Loven editing a mini-documentary

Editing, research and costume making all continues behind the scenes, and we are working on safety protocols for returning to filming in these strange and difficult times.

Pauline Loven researching and script writing.

Getting Dressed – Queen Victoria 1848

Queen Victoria dresses on Christmas Eve 1848

Faye caddick as Queen Victoria, photographed at Normanby Hall in Lincolnshire by Liv Free. Costume Pauline Loven.

The making of Queen Victoria’s dress by Pauline Loven of Crow’s Eye Productions:

Getting Dressed in the 1830’s

The popularity of the excellent BBC series ‘Gentleman Jack’, led to many requests for ‘getting dressed’ film from that era.

Charlotte Brindley. Costume by Pauline Loven. Photo by Liv Free.

Getting Dressed in WW2 – Women’s Land Army

The Women’s Land Army did a remarkable job during the Second World War, replacing the male workers who had been called up to fight. In a war when it was the determination of the Nazis to starve Britain into submission, the work of the WLA or Land Girls kept Britain from starvation.

The latest in our series on the history of dress starred Holly Turner, Jasmine Clark, Laura Jane Johnson, Bryony Roberts, Victoria Louise Newman, Estella Platts and Aimee Tyas.

The Director and Cinematographer was Nic Loven, Costume by Pauline Loven, Costume Assistant, Jasmine Clarke.

Many thanks to Dave Woolerton the owner of the vintage MinneMoline tractor.

WLA Stockings were knitted by Sally Pointer.


Getting Dressed in WW1 – Young Woman

The history of dress is punctuated by periods of rapid change, especially for women’s dress.  This is one such period.

Starring Hannah Gaskell, Charlotte Halse and Sophie Halse

Director and Cinematographer Nic Loven, Costume Pauline Loven, Hair and makeup Emily Johnson.

Filmed at Lincoln’s Arboretum and in a house overlooking it.

The knitted cardigan was created by Sheila Cunnea and the knitting patterns are all available in the Centenary Stitches knitting book by Elizabeth Lovick.


Getting Dressed in 1665 – Delft

Another in our series of films on the history of costume, this one is on the clothing of  a wealthy woman in  17th Century Holland. Watch to the end!

Starring Hannah Douglas, Sarah Whitehouse and Anthony Webster.

Director and cinematographer Nic Loven, costume Pauline Loven, hair and make up Liv Free, costume assistant Kelly Clark.

This was filmed at Gainsborough Old Hall in Lincolnshire.

The shoes were handmade by Kevin Garlick Shoes

The knitted stockings were made by Sally Pointer

The brazier and Delft tile were made by Andrew MacDonald, The Pot Shop, Lincoln 

The Earrings were created by Parures de Lumières