South Ormsby, Lincolnshire

Hyrne Family letters 
sent from South Carolina
to  England between 1699 and 1757

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Incidental Genealogical List:

The following names are mentioned in the Hyrne letters:

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1705, Edward Byrche, Governor of New Providence.

1706, William Moore (landowner).

1706, Captain George Smith (landowner).

1710, Mr Holland, Chief Justice of Carolina.

1725, Mr Hammerton of Horncastle (a young man).

1725, Mr Robert Wright’s arrival with his family of sons and daughters. He had been a member of the English Parliament and was from Sagefield near Newcastle.

1725, Mr George Atchinson (landowner).

1740 Col. Palmer, an account of his death.

1743 Mrs Webb (neighbour).

1744 Mrs Fushee and her 12 year old son.

1744 Mr George Abell (died possibly 1740) and his brother in Birmingham, Capt Thomas Abell.

1744 Jonah Collins (landowner)

1744 Stephen Beauchamp of George Town.

1744 Captain Frankland, his wife and son Henry.

1744 Mr Rhetts, and Sally Rhetts (‘that was’).

1744 Agricola, alias Charles Pinkney, Esq.

1745 William (Billy) Bellinger, aged 12 years old (youngest brother of Henry Hyrne’s first wife).

Of the many slaves the Hyrnes owned (as many as 25 on Tugudoo in 1725) sadly few are named in the letters. The only two mentioned by name are:

1740 A ‘Negro girl called Mary’, probably a teenager at the time.

1740 A ‘Negro woman named Maria’.


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