South Ormsby, Lincolnshire

Hyrne Family letters 
sent from South Carolina
to  England between 1699 and 1757

The village of South Ormsby, England, nestles in a little green hollow in the Lincolnshire Wolds. It cannot have changed much since Elizabeth Massingberd lived there before her marriage to Edward Hyrne and their emigration to America in 1700. The village consists of the Hall, the Church, a few cottages and a pub - ‘The Massingberd Arms’.

Above:The Hall that Elizabeth Massingberd knew stood on this site. The present hall was built by her nephew in 1752.

Above: South Ormsby Church (St Leonard's)

Ormsby pub

Above: South Ormsby Church (St Leonard's) viewed from the main village street.

Above: The view of the Massingberd-Mundy Estate today

Ormsby cottage

Above: South Ormsby pub the Massingberd Arms

Above: One of Lincolnshire’s traditional ‘mud and stud’ cottages in South Ormsby

Massingberd pub sign

Above: The Massingberd Arms pub sign

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