Actor Showreel to Bookcover

When Tiffany Haynes approached us to make an actor’s showreel for her, she didn’t expect to find herself featuring on the cover of an American novel as well!

Tiffany had the ambitious idea of creating a synopsis of a book, or a book trailer, and had a book in mind: ‘The Lady of the Butterflies’ by Fiona Mountain. This appealed to us all as it was the story of Lady Eleanor Glanville, a 17th century Lepidopterist who discovered a fritillary butterfly in Lincolnshire – now known as the Glanville Fritillary.

‘The Lady of the Butterflies’ was renamed for the American market as ‘Rebel Heiress’.

With permission from the author we created this short piece as part of Tiffany’s show reel.

The resulting photographs drew the attention of an American publishing company and they requested permission to use on of the photographs – this is the result:


‘Beyond The Valley’ Book Cover.

We donated the small fee for its use as a book cover to an American charity ‘A Home Within‘.

If you would like to have a show reel made please contact Nic Loven.

If you are interested in having a showreel which involves the costume department, you can also contact Pauline Loven to discuss the options.

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  1. I absolutely love this work. It is visually beautiful, the texture is amazing, the lighting and the quality of sound and visuals outstanding. What an excellent idea. You are amazing and I will be promoting your work and creativity.

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